Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello and welcome back.... Has to be the most controversial air force base in the world, Is there a alien or spaceship inside one of the base facilitys, no one really knows and those who do, wont tell.
Area 51 is easy to find in Google Earth, you just type "Area 51" into the search bar and there it is.

For those who may have been sleeping under a rock, Area 51is bang smack in the middle of the Nevada Desert and is also known as Groom Lake. This facility is heavily armed, with fines & imprisonment if caught trespassing on the base or surrounds. Cammo dudes, as they are known watch your every move and hidden camera's also keep an eye on you.

(Thanks to for use of his photo)


Just outside of Area 51 is a small runway, I found it using the coordinates listed = 36,55’35.72” N  116,00’25.33” W
just keep moving the mouse and when you get the first one (N) then move away until you get the exact coordinates.
This photo on the left was taken in Dec 6 2006 and a large "Disc" is visible ( thanks to for use of their photo)

In 2012 its a little different and the "UFO" is gone

The second "UFO" is at coordinate = 37,11’55.01” N  116,03’19.93” W
A circular shape is above the ground and is casting a shadow.

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