Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello and welcome back....I will start with the main reason I decided to make this blog, I love Google earth, its like going on a holiday but not actually going anywhere except maybe the kitchen for a cup of coffee.
I was looking for the Castle that Downton Abbey is the main theme, to my surprise its real name is "Highclere Castle" and is located in Hampshire U.K.
Highclere Castle is set on 1000 acres (405 hectare) of manicured grounds.

The Exterior and interior are used in the show but the servants quarters, working areas and upstairs bedrooms are filmed in a studio (Ealing)
Now for the good bit, fire up Google earth and type in search bar = "highclere castle hampshire uk"
and there it is....Its huge.




THE REAL DOWNTON ABBEY     (thanks to Time Magazine for use of their video)

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