Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello and welcome back.... Do you want good news or bad?, O.K bad news... The huge mansion owned by Conrad & Victoria Grayson in the hit TV series "Revenge" is not real, its computer generated (Photoshopped) and its inspiration drew upon Calvin Cline's house (see below), I was about to go to and ....nevermind.

Most of the inside scenes are filmed at "Raleigh Manhattan beach studio" including Emilys house.

Now for the good news, Emily's house you can find on Google earth, type in =  6249 pebble shore lane, Southport NC United States (North Carolina).

Somehow the water doesn't look so blue like it does in the show.

Most of the outside beach scenes are filmed at Wilmington (Southport) and Oak Island.

 As for Nolan's house, that remains a mystery, rumor is that its the same house used in Beverly Hills 90210 (Malibu) where Jen & Naomi stayed.

Nolan's house set in Malibu

REVENGE TRAILER (thanks to ABC television for use of video and photos)

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